Directors & History


Ali Enos is an alumnus of Kappa Alpha Theta from Louisiana State University. Ali became a Christian because of a sorority sister loving on her and sharing Christ with her. She has been on staff and working with Greeks for 18 years at LSU. Ali enjoys loving on Greek women who are looking for life in things that she knows from personal experience won’t satisfy and helping to point them to Christ. She loves getting women in God’s Word for the first time and watching them begin to fall in love with God and have a hunger to read His Word.   Ali enjoys helping women discover the gifts and strengths God has wired in them and develop them in those areas. 

Rachel Walden is a Pi Phi from Louisiana State University. Rachel has been on staff with Cru for 6 years at the University of Texas. Rachel became a follower of Christ at a young age with parents who are also serving with Cru. God used Cru Summer Missions and Winter Conferences to grow her understanding of what it meant to have a daily personal relationship with God. Recently got married! Her husband Bracken graduated from Texas A&M and they have a cute 4 year old Springer Spaniel named Deacon. Rachel has lived in Texas for the last six years but will always be a Tiger fan at heart! 

Brandon Boyd is an alumnus of Sigma Nu from Oklahoma State University. Brandon began the Greek Summit with his wife Jennifer in 2004. Jennifer is an alumnus of Kappa Kappa Gamma from Louisiana State University. They lead Cru's Greek ministry at OK State and their passion has been to impact Greeks for over 20 years. They have two boys, Benjamin and Ethan. A true a dog lover. Mr. Frodo is an old Cockapoo and Junie B is his beautiful white lab. Brandon heart is to help students know Christ deeply and intimately. 

Trace Hunt is an alumnus of  Kappa Alpha Order (KA) from Texas Tech University. The Hunt's have been married for 25 years and on staff with Cru for 24 years. Trace is the Director for Greek Wide Student Ministries at Texas Tech. Trace became a follower of Christ through Cru as a sophomore at Texas Tech. His bride Christine graduated from Texas A&M. They have three beautiful daughters to share the time with. Charis (20), Brynn (17) and Ginger (13). Their passion is to love on college students, introduce them to Jesus, to train them to become mature biblical disciples and to help them leave a legacy that will far outlast their time in college.


Greek Summit began with a dream by a man named Isaac Jenkins. Isaac wanted Greek students to have a place where they could come together and grow in their walks with God as well as learn how to have an influence in their fraternity and sorority houses. It began in Destin, Florida during the month of May. Not too long after that, Brandon Boyd, an Oklahoma State and Sigma Nu alumni, wanted to do the same thing but up in the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado. For over 13 years now, Greek students from all over the country have been coming to Breck and growing in their relationship with God.