Directors & History


Brandon Boyd loves to spend time with his family and is passionate about Oklahoma State sports and college football. He joined staff with Cru after graduating from OSU in 1997. For 26 years, he has focused on reaching fraternity men. Brandon began his ministry at TCU and the past 20+ years at his Alma Mater, Oklahoma State. He is a member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity. Brandon and Jennifer were married in 2001 and have two boys, Ben and Ethan. Jen was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma at LSU and also loves working with Greeks. They love seeing students develop a deep, intimate relationship with God, and watching them help change the world with the hope of Christ!

Ali Enos Ali was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and graduated from LSU.  At LSU she was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and became a Christian during her sophomore year of college thanks to a sorority sister who shared the gospel with her. After graduating from LSU with her Masters, Ali joined staff with Cru and has been on staff for over 20 years. While on staff at LSU, Ali has had a passion for sorority women and helping them to find life in Christ and leave a legacy in their sorority that will remain long after they are gone. Ali loves college football, her yellow lab, Gracie, and gardening. Summer mission opportunities are one of her favorite things about being on staff!


Greek Summit began with a dream by a man named Isaac Jenkins. Isaac wanted Greek students to have a place where they could come together and grow in their walks with God as well as learn how to have an influence in their fraternity and sorority houses. It began in Destin, Florida during the month of May. Not too long after that, Brandon Boyd, an Oklahoma State, and Sigma Nu alumni, wanted to do the same thing but up in the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado. For over 20 years now, Greek students from all over the country have been coming to Breck and growing in their relationship with God.